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LIBERTAS is the creator of AXIOM™, a machine learning-enabled digital platform revolutionizing procurement between healthcare providers and medical device vendors. By grading devices and standardizing pricing, AXIOM™ challenges fixed-price models and performance-based agreements with a competitive marketplace that delivers substantial price and operational efficiencies by expanding access to innovative medical technologies and guiding optimal product selection. LIBERTAS AXIOM™ changes the way business is done Today for Tomorrow.

Who Do We Help?


The cost of implantable devices account for 35% to 75% of the procedural reimbursement received by Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, respectively, when these costs should not exceed 20% of the monies received

Supply Chain

Limited choice agreements (Sole or Dual vendor) impose a 3% cost associated with tracking, reporting and improving performance, which impacts physician practice patterns. And, limited choice agreements are still 15% to 20% higher than market competitive contracts


Regardless of the type of agreement, vendors routinely upcharge a physician’s product choice without the physician’s knowledge resulting in the facility incurring a 5% spend overage

Medical Device Implants

The medical device implant market exceeds $92 billion annually. Most of these costs rest with cardiac and orthopedic implants which exceed $41 billion and $38 billion, respectively. And, due to the aging population, this market is growing 7% annually.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

The CRM market today represents $23 Billion in annual spend and will grow to $38 Billion by 2030. Vendor costs continue to decline as they outsource manufacturing and digitize support services while retail prices continue to rise. Vendors repackage and rebrand technology without passing along savings to providers.

Stents & Catheters

Device implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are priced based on the vendor family. The LIBERTAS Clinical Team grades product and standardizes pricing to create competition. This results in optimal purchasing and 25% savings for Hospitals and ASCs of all sizes.

Hips & Joints

The hips & joints market allows customization which vendors covet to drive pricing variation. Standardizing product ensures true apples-to-apples comparisons for optimal selection. By using product specifications linked with patient needs, physicians can select the optimal product for best outcomes—true patient care alignment.

Risk Free Process

LIBERTAS provides a free assessment and offers a patent pending process that simplifies procurement and frees up resources with no upfront costs. The assessment will detail how much your Hospital or ASC will save in the short- and long-term.


With just 3 data points, our smart software, AXIOMTM, breaks down your spend and details exactly how much your Hospital or ASC can save


Grading criteria developed by our Team of physicians, AXIOMTM standardizes and categorizes products to flatten pricing options and create transparency for device comparisons


Over an 8 week period, LIBERTAS will deliver new pricing that will eliminate the need for bulk buys or volume discounts