Clinical + Innovative

Our deep clinical expertise underlies our AXIOMTM smart software solution, and sets us apart in delivering double digit percentage discounts

Transparent by Design

Our clinical Team demystifies vendor contracts through a patented process of dashboard analytics showing vendor upcharge tactics and discount avoidance results

Value Based Results

Our quantified results are backed by an “at-risk” contract that focuses on bringing value that is tangible

Case Study

The medical device implant market protects high margins by avoiding price transparency and vendor competition.



Our digital platform, AXIOMTM, assesses product features for an apple-to-apples comparison among vendors, allowing for standardized pricing based on product features at the unit level



Our Clinical Team meets with physicians to review product choice and pricing strategy to ensure full alignment with Supply Chain on driving double digit percentage pricing discounts



Our software solution validates vendor invoicing to reduce overbilling and leverages business algorithms and data analytics to eliminate product upcharges